Sunday, October 16, 2016



“And a bottle of wine,” he ordered. “You’ll love it. Super expensive.”
She didn't drink. He knew it but didn't care. He went on to talk about his expensive new suit. Didn't he look smart, he asked, scanning the restaurant for familiar faces.
“This is the best place in town, very hip, super expensive too. Oh, hey, Vincent,” he waved hellos left and right, turning his back to her.
When she walked away, he didn't even notice it. And now he had that super expensive existence all to his radiant, perfectly pathetic self. And she was free. Wasn't life grand?
100 Word Stories

Sunday, October 9, 2016



“The unicorn police captain was shocked to find that two of his fox deputies were being held hostage. Who has them? Did they ask for a ransom? The werewolf SWAT team was ready. The fairies answered the phones. The goblins were in the way. So, when…”
“Stop right there, Mom. What kind of a story is that?”
“Well, you asked me tell you a story of unicorns and fairies…”
“Yes, but… the fairies answering the phone? Really… Mom? Rewrite it. It’s crap.”
And that’s how the fairies ended up in the SWAT team, preventing the murder of two fox deputies.
100 Word Stories

Sunday, October 2, 2016

500 Word Snatch Writing Sessions End

The Monday-Friday 2am SLT and the Saturday 12noon SLT writing sessions, started in 2013 and hosted by me at Milk Wood, come to an end. New writing adventures will no doubt come by. Keep on writing.



After a day’s work in the fields, Ronnie would say “Turn right”. Mike complied in silence. The path took them back to town. But there was also a path to the left.

“What’s over there?” asked Mike one day, pointing to the left.
Ronnie shrugged.
“Never felt curious?”
Ronnie shook his head.
However, Mike went back to the crossroads and, taking a deep breath, took the path to the left.
He never came back. He went to the big city. He became rich. And he never stopped being curious, especially about all the “paths to the left” he came across.
100 Word Stories

Sunday, September 25, 2016



The light was on and no one answered. The police found her in her bedroom, sprawled on the bed. She had been stabbed 16 times. A lover, a stalker, her dealer? An intruder, perhaps? Then, they arrested the neighbor because he waltzed into the precinct and confessed. “I killed her with the kitchen knife. It’s still there.” Simple, right? Nope. The police searched the house. They couldn't find the knife. Circumstantial evidence. Not enough. He was released. At her funeral, he wrapped the knife in her panties and stuffed it in the coffin, under the froufrou laces, and walked away.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Indigo and the Blanket

Asalia House

The truck traveled slowly. Attracting unwanted attention was the last thing Indigo wanted. Released after twenty years in prison, and… He steals a truck... He walked around the corner and there it was, keys in the ignition, begging to be stolen. When Indigo spotted the police behind him, he knew he was in trouble. However, it was only when they lifted the blanket that he realized how serious it was. In the back, there was the body of one of the jurors in his trial. He sighed. He’d have plenty of time to figure out who had framed him.
(Prompt: Pick two - Blanket, Center, West, Boobs, Salt, Kentucky, Indigo, Xylophone)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Of a Sim Creator and a Writer

Sometimes, magic happens.

A few weeks ago, I published a short story called "The Toy Maker". This story was inspired by Boudicca's HestiumOne of my favorite places in Second Life, Hestium had recently been rebuilt. New houses, new fictional residents, new lives and, of course, new stories. Hestium has been a source of inspiration and ideas for many of my projects. But this time, I decided to write a whole story based on it.

Boudicca read my story and had a few ideas of her own. Mind you, we didn't talk about any of our projects but, somehow, one thing led to another and...

I had to read this line twice before it hit me! That house had become Claire's home. My story had triggered a new life for the house and, after Boudicca read it, for my character as well.

I visited Hestium once more to check for myself. And this is what I saw.

 Claire's new home.

 The toy is still there.

 The upper floor.

 Claire still has her animals.

 And the sea...

Before I left, I took a moment to think this through. I took what Boudicca created at Hestium and brought characters to life. And Boudicca read my story and "wrote" it further. And we never talked about this, or planned anything.

Sometimes, magic does happen.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Virtual Inspiration at Milk Wood

Milk Wood
Are you looking for a bit of inspiration for the upcoming NaNoWriMo? Check the new Milk Wood Inspiration Booth. Click the Picture Machine for a Notecard (below).

And click the tickets for a destination. Happy writing.

A Story Waiting to Happen
Virtual Writer Author

Sunday, September 11, 2016

What was the worst thing you ate?

Milk Wood

The Fairy Children had a dismayed expression on their sparkly faces.
“This is a healthy veggie soup,” said the Fairy Mother.
The children looked disgusted. The mysterious objects floating in the thick liquid looked rather suspicious.
“Taste it.”
As soon as the most adventurous of them swallowed some soup, he turned brown.
The suffering of their sibling was hilarious. The other kids laughed.
After holding his tummy with both arms for a few minutes, he finally threw up.
Alarmed, the mother threw the soup away.
The child winked.
And that was the end of healthy food for the Fairy Family.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


ChangHigh Trinity Sisters

When Violet fell off the stage, everyone panicked. Two nights till the Opening of the musical and the star actress had broken a leg. After much research, they found a young actress to substitute her, Mattie, who also sang and danced. No one had heard of her but she knew the part by heart. She was hired immediately.
When Violet returned to work, Mattie disappeared, but Violet found a list in a drawer, the list of actresses Mattie had substituted with name/type of accident. The police investigated the matter with little results.
Years later, the actresses started showing up dead…

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Pixel Dreams

Perched on a tree branch, the model posed dramatically, one hand holding her hair away from her face, the strong wind insisting on contradicting her.
The hairdresser went up and down the steps of a ladder, frantically trying to help her. The assistants snickered. The photographer yelled at everybody.
When they finished and everyone was ready to leave, the photographer broke the news. They’d have to redo everything, quickly. They were losing the light.
Eyes flashed dangerously and, after much deliberation, the photographer ended up on the tree branch, posing dramatically, and one hand holding his hair away from his face.